Here is the shipping forecast…

Did you look out of the window this evening? Howling gale, lashing rain, feezing cold … And how do I know this? Because I was outside! Honestly it was like a scene from The Perfect Storm with George Clooney on a mountain bike slogging his way up the Old Kent Road instead of aboard the Andrea Gail heading for the Grand Banks … but no matter, that’s just detail. But since I know that you, dear reader, derive some sort of pleasure from my suffering you can rest assured that it was wet, and cold and basically bloody miserable. But in a very (very) strange sort of way there was some sort of perverse pleasure to be derived from the whole experience…. kind of like Lieutenant Dan in Forest Gump shouting at the heavens to do their worst. What’s that you say? Stop eulogising, it’s just a 10 mile commute? Yes, you may have a point.



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