Fit for purpose

If you’re going to spend over a thousand pounds on a suit, you’re going to make sure that the trousers are long enough and the jacket doesn’t pinch under the arms. Turns out that the same rules apply when it comes to buying a bicycle. I spent over 2 hours today in the company of Denver Collins at “On Your Bike” of London Bridge and can’t recommend him highly enough. He was even polite enough not to laugh at my laughably inflexible hamstrings! Interestingly (to me at least) it was often the small things that made the biggest difference. A couple of cm here, a few millimetres there and the changes in comfort and efficiency were remarkable. And if anyone reading this hasn’t done it – I would definitely recommend a cleat fit. Denver is somewhat obsessive on the subject of the pedal stroke which makes sense when you think that it’s where effort is actually applied to the bike. So … long story short, I now know what size bike I need to get through this thing as efficiently as possible. Next stop … a bike! 


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