It’s All About The Bike

Unless you’re Lance Armstrong of course, in which case it’s not about the bike at all but all about the EPO and testosterone … the clue was in the title after all! But if you’re a MAMIL then it really is all about the bike … and after an interminably long wait, I have finally procured one for myself. Naturally in a sport where you can spend the cost of VW Golf on a new ride the first thing to do was to set a budget. The second thing to do was to disregard it entirely as toy lust took hold but it seems churlish to dwell on the details at this point. Far more satisfying to drink in the sleek lines of a new Felt Z3 complete with utterly unnecessary Shimano Di2 group set. Non-mamil readers may be labouring under the misapprehension that changing gear on a bicycle is still something of a mechanical affair but really, that’s very last year and the modern mamil prefers to delegate this task to electronic motors that change gears at the touch of your finger on a button. You might wonder ‘why’ and I’d be hard pushed to give you a reasonable answer except that ‘because you can’ and because there is a child like joy to be had from it. No more missing a gear, or indexing gears when the cable stretches so that your chain isn’t really in one gear or another or that horrible grinding sound when you generally make a pigs ear of trying to shift front cogs. This new fangled gizmo lets you concentrate on other things …like how much your legs are hurting. 

So it was with the enthusiasm of a small puppy that I bounded out of the house this morning to go for a ride. A couple of laps of Richmond Park in the sunshine and home for lunch. It all sounded rather lovely and indeed it was right up until the point when the heavens opened as I was riding back through Putney. I doubt it will be the last time I comment on it but when the weather finally drags itself out of single figures and it actually stops raining for more than a couple of hours this training lark will become significantly more enjoyable! 30 miles in total and the details are here


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