Dog Days


Rolled back the years and took the hounds for a bit of mountain bike ride on the North Downs last weekend – something we haven’t done for ages and which they always loved in the past when their energy levels were permanently stuck on 11. These days they are a much more mellow 9 and a half but in the first of this years spring sunshine we had a great ride to the top of the downs from Betchworth. Years ago (way too many to admit to) I used to come up to these old lime quarries (or chalk pits as they’ve always been known) searching for empty ammunition cases left behind by the resident rifle range (yes, kids – we had to make our own fun back then!) and, a bit later on with a friend to hoon around on his Yamaha trials bike but I genuinely don’t think I’ve been up there for at least 25 years. 


Some great views from the top of the Downs looking south and although the mileage was alarmingly low compared to road rides (how is it possible to expend that much effort for so little ground covered?!) it was a good couple of hours with some steep climbs and descents in some pretty slippery conditions after all the rain of the day before. Everyone finished safely though – except for the rabbit the dogs caught up on Headley Common! 





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