Well George, we knocked the bastard off!


So spake Sir Edmund Hillary on meeting up with George Lowe as he returned from the summit of Everest. And in a single sentence I’ve managed to trivialise one of the greatest physical achievements of the 20th century while at the same time significantly over embellishing my own accomplishments of yesterday.

But as I finally reached the end of the South Downs Way in the darkness of a Tuesday night I can’t say I really felt anything much other than relief! Certainly I was fatigued way beyond the point of any sense of elation or accomplishment. But it’s done, and I can rest safe in the knowledge that there is nothing over in France that can come close to the sheer physical effort of what I dragged myself through yesterday …. which is nice. Trip report to follow on a separate page. No stats to share on this one (a long story) but very roughly I set off at 6:50 am from Winchester, I reached Ditchling Beacon by 4pm and thereafter it all started to go a bit pear shaped. Finally finished at 9:30 pm. Total distance … more than 100 miles. Total vertical climbed more than 12,000 feet. Total vertical descended … about the same.


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