God Is A DJ

Image… so sang Faithless on their excellent 1998 album ‘Sunday 8pm’ and I was inclined to agree as I spun my way around the high points of Surrey on Saturday. It’s the only explanation I could come up with to explain the way that my iPhone seemed to be throwing out exactly the right tunes at exactly the right time from a randomly downloaded selection. As I reached the bottom of Leith Hill I was assailed by the opening beats of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean which has never struck me as much of an exercise track before. But, it turns out, it’s perfect stuff for getting into a climbing rhythm and holding it …. at least while you’ve got energy in your legs. Descending down the other side I was joined by Grandmaster Melle Mel singing the classic White Lines (1983) and this kept me company all the way to the base of the 18% cliff face up to Ranmore where something altogether more energetic was required. As if by magic the iPhone cued up ‘Alive’ by Daft Punk and that was the perfect soundtrack to embrace the aching in my legs and the rasping in my lungs and haul myself to the summit. 

And finally, as if any further proof were required of the divine intervention in my playlist, an already exhilarating drop down the other side of the hill was heightened further as Fleetwood Mac exhorted me on with ‘Chains’. Right song at the right time on the right day …. 4 times in a row? Divine. 


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