The Final Countdown

Ah yes, Poodle Rock … takes you back doesn’t it? But this isn’t a wistful look back at anthems of the 1980’s but rather a reminder that the ‘end is nigh’. The Tour de Force kicks off in Corsica Imagein one months time and so this seemed like an opportune moment to remind my legion of readers … both of you … that I’ve kept my end of the bargain. I have bruised my plums over French pavé, stumbled across secret dogging spots on the South Downs Way after the sun went down and sucked it up through the cold and the wet of our classic ‘spring’ weather. And through it all I happily left my self respect at home as I head out the door dressed in lycra bib shorts and a silly hat. If you thought these guys look ridiculous….!!!

So if you’ve ever thought that you might get around to showing your support for this foolish undertaking, now would be a good time because the old charity page has been gathering cyber dust since early April when it was last hit upon. It’s feeling particularly unloved because Barclays (home of the Boris Bike) re-neged on their promise to provide £750 sponsorship after we parted ways back in February. There is a link to the top of the page to the charity page and I should take this opportunity to thank everyone reading this who has already donated – it’s a fantastic charity and your generosity has given all of this faffing around on bikes a genuine purpose.



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