Super Cycling Man

SCMI was driving down the Trinity Road on the weekend only to be overtaken by a mobile self publicity unit dressed in underpants. Because the underpants were astride an S-Works road bike I was inclined to play closer attention to the cape billowing in the wind inviting me to follow Super Cycling Man on twitter and facebook. And I would urge you to do the same because it’s a rather inspirational story about a guy trying to cycle around the world to inspire children to take up riding a bike. And if you click here to find his facebook page you’ll find another link inviting you to vote on a Nurofen competition (that he is currently leading) where the winner will receive £1500 of sponsorship towards their project. It takes a moment of your time and none of your self respect …. which is more than you can say for cycling around London with your pants outside your lycra. Competition closes on Thursday 30th May so don’t delay… he needs help!


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