Solo Surrey Hills Sojourn


bluebellsAs I get closer and closer to the trip to France so it feels as though I’ve been cycling less and less. In an effort to try and remedy that I set off on a dawn raid around the Surrey Hills this morning. Part gin and Jags belt but mostly beech trees and blue bells in what turned out to be the best weather of the day. It was chilly riding in the woods and the arm warmers came out of the drawer as I set off just after 6 but in the sunshine it was a really lovely day. This was pretty much the same loop I did the other day, only in the opposite direction which seems to be a little easier than the clockwise route which is to say that the climbing is generally a little less severe. This time though I cobbled on a ride into Reigate via the backroads and climbed up Reigate Hill to see what climbing up a steady 7-8% would feel like with 80 odd km in the legs. Not great as it turns out. Without wishing to gloss over the first two days of riding in France, the more I think about the third and final day (242km finishing at the summit of Ventoux) the more I’m dreading it! Route and stats can all be found here.


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