Don’t Panic Captain Manwairing!

corpjonesJust 3 weeks to go and there’s a little bit of panic starting to creep in to my mind now. All along I’ve been consoling myself with the thought that this is just 3 stages I have to get through and besides, the first couple are relatively flat. But today curiosity got the better of me and I wandered online to have a quick look at the profile for stage 14 – the second of the stages that I’m riding – and it turns out that it looks like this…(below, not left! The picture on the left is a bit how I looked after seeing it!)

stage 14

So that’s just the 5 category 4 climbs and 2 category 3 climbs (climbs are graded from 4 through 1 to HC which is beyond category and are a measure of both steepness and length. Mont Ventoux is not surprisingly classified as HC). But aside from all the climbing on what is described as a ‘flatish’ day in the saddle it hasn’t escaped my notice that it’s still 191km long. That’s in addition to the 170 odd km the day before and the 242km to come the day after. In all my training I’ve yet to ride more than 170km in a single day and now I’m panicking that I’ve not done enough endurance training. Whether that’s true or not will be revealed all too soon.


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