League of Nations


There’s an element of ‘now what?’ as I find myself back in the usual routine of life without the goal of riding across France to get me up in the morning or riding into the unknown wilds of Kent on a Sunday afternoon. The Ride London event passed me by although I have signed up for the 2014 ballot which I understand is already massively oversubscribed. So there is a certain aimlessness to my cycling these days but make no mistake – there is still cycling.

Looking back, the Tour de Force has kick started a new passion that has its roots in a love of training and being fit for which I hold rowing responsible. Now that my body has remembered the pleasure (if you can call it that) of fatigue, training, goals and the endorphins that go with them, it’s hard to just walk away from. So I have resolved to both continue the cycling and continue this blog. What exactly I’m going to be writing about I’m not quite sure – but I plan to ride in the Tour of Flanders sportive in 2014 that was first mooted after Paris-Roubaix this year and I’ll do some other sportives along the way – hopefully culminating in Ride London 2014 where I have set myself the rather ambitious target of 4 hrs and 45 minutes. 

But for now I thought I’d reflect on the power of the internet. Glancing at the stats for this blog reveals visitors running into the thousands – literally – but perhaps more surprising than that (and it is surprising that people were interested enough to read about my endeavours more than 2000 times) was that this legion of online supporters/ voyeurs came from no fewer than 35 different countries. From UK to New Zealand, Finland to Argentina, India to the West Indies …. it’s pretty mind blowing when you stop to think about it.  So a big thank you from me to all of you for taking the time to read and leave comments. 


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