This week I received notice from Ross Blake that whilst his career move into the world of cycling events has meant that he is unfitter than ever and is unable to make good on the promise of riding the Tour of Flanders (collective sighs of relief all round if I’m really honest) he has been busy putting together the official Tour de France Fan Park for this year’s race. Last year saw Ross and Dan put together a very successful park based in Canary Wharf and this year they have gone one better. Well, 5 better actually. Official Fan Parks will be springing up like mushrooms for the duration of Le Tour in Canary Wharf, Trafalgar Square (!), Green Park, Olympic Park and, at the epicentre of the action…. Harrogate (where the photo above was not taken).
So if you find yourself in London (or Yorkshire) and fancy doing a bit of ‘working from the mobile office’ with a cold beer in hand, the sun on your back and Sir Brad/ Froome/ Cav etc on the big screen… you now know where to go.
Full details at



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