Ride London …


Or more accurately, the final failure to make good on any of the goals I set myself for 2014. Ride London – an event I confidently predicted would be a slow amble through the Surrey Hills – has become the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket of sportive cycling. I’ve tried both blind luck (ballot system) and, when that failed, blatant nepotism with people that I thought were well placed to find a spare slot but to no avail. Plans A, B and even C have come to nought. I appreciate that I could have joined a charity place but at the risk of sounding ‘Bah, humbug’ I have drunk fairly deeply from the well of charitable friends after the Tour de Force last year and whilst the idea of me riding a bike for charity was amusing the first time round it’s now transparently obvious that I enjoy the pain and discomfort of riding 100 miles!

So on the off chance that anyone reading this knows of a spare place on account of unexpected commitments I am happy to ride under a false name and even blog about the experience. Who would have thought a spin with Boris would turn out to be this popular!?


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