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So by way of quick recap – I’ve decided to build myself a Franken-bike from parts procured throughout the spectrum of the bike world. This could result in my dream bike built for a budget I can actually afford or it could end up with a mis-matched pile of bling that I’ve been unable to resist and bought because I just don’t know any better. Already I’m realising that the upside of buying a bike ready built is that a vastly resourced R&D machine has made sure that the geometry actually works … not so in this case!

Phase one has been all about commitment. Selling my old mountain bike has forced me to get on with the project and invest the proceeds. Unfortunately it seems the proceeds from a 2010 Felt Compulsion 2 don’t go as far as you’d hope in the world of modern MTB. In fact you could buy a Reverb Stealth seat post and probably not even have enough change to stick an appropriate saddle on the top …. a saddle and seat post!!! So whilst we’re committed to the project, I should also note that this is not some exercise in fantasy bike porn. There is a budget … to be fair I don’t actually know what it is and I’d only break it if I did … but my point is that this is not a money no object build. Money is definitely an object.

With that in mind my first stop was the company Ride 2 Work scheme which has over the years morphed into a bike shop voucher scheme. I naively thought that you had to buy an actual bike but it turns out that’s not the case. You just have to spend the money on something bike related that you will use on occasion to get yourself to work. Not every day, just ‘sometimes’. So note to self, ride the bike to work occasionally. Or more specifically not the bike but at least the forks, pedals, bar grips and tyres because that what I splurged on at the Evans clearance counter with my shiny new Ride 2 Work voucher thereby effectively saving me an additional 40% off the already discounted clearance price.

Receipts are being collected so I will from time to time give you an update on the cost of this thing but let’s not spoil the mood so early in the proceedings with accounting details. All you really want to know at this point is that I now have

Forks: Rockshox Pike RCT Dual Air 160 mm

Tyres: Schwalbe Nobby Nic Evo’s

Pedals: Shimano XT trail 

Grips: Hope SL

I know what you’re thinking …. surely you start with a frame and work your way outwards? And you’re probably right but my hand was slightly forced by the imminent closure of the Ride 2 Work scheme window (only open 1 month a year) and having had Rockshox Pike on my last bike I was keen to have the same again for that very enjoyable feeling of plushness regardless of the rock infested narrow path of nastiness that you find yourself hurtling down.

Next up the ‘big ticket’ items… (and no I’m not talking about the seat post and saddle).

1) Frame with shock.

2) Wheels. Carbon on a MTB?!

3) Group set. 2 x 10? 1 x 11? Triple?

Suggestions welcome please … don’t be shy. I could use all the help I can get!


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